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Egypt Legal Services provides legal services since 2006 in Egypt. The main activity of the company are:  design of residential visas, opening a business, obtain a work permit, registration of the marriage contract and the legalization of a foreign marriage, registration of driving permit (license) and your purchase vehicle for foreign nationals , representatives of businesses and individuals in bankruptcy court, courts of general jurisdiction, legal advice, legal services and legal support our clients' businesses, obtaining permits (licenses) for import and export goods, the implementation of property management and more.

As a rule, sooner or later, legal advice and legal services required by all. And then the question arises: in what law firm to go to get quality legal services? Guarantee of quality legal aid - is not only knowledge of the law, but also many years’ experience in solving many legal problems, which can accumulate only during the years of success and quality of work first. Law Firm . Legal Services . Law  .A law firm and "legal advice in the city of Sharm El Sheikh" "Specialized in real estate registration and property transfer" "real estate Sharm el sheikh" "Establishing all types of companies in Sharm El Sheikh and in Egypt"  "Lawyers in Sharm El Sheikh specializing in studying all types of commercial and family by family law attorney" , "family law lawyer in Sharm el sheikh" , "family court lawyer"   lawsuits And "criminal in Sharm el sheikh" debt collection "Real estate management of all kinds" "Help in obtaining investment opportunities in Sharm El Sheikh" "Review contracts and laws in Egypt" "Case study Acquiring Egyptian nationality and the reasons for permanent residence" "selling & buying legal real estate" "apartments , villas , resorts and hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh"  "Hotels with best price and cheap hot offer"  "cheap price property  in Sharm El sheikh"   "verifying real estate ownership in Sharm el sheikh" and over Egypt "real estate taxes in Sharm el sheikh Egypt" "selling hotels in Sharm El Sheikh" "extracting hotel licenses in Sharm Sheikh". "Hotel , resorts  Sharm el sheikh" . "Egypt resorts Sharm el sheikh"  . "ask a lawyer in Sharm el sheikh" , "talk at a lawyer  in Sharm el sheikh" 

Registration of companies
We Are Egypt Legal Services assisting our Clients to Choose The Right Type of Companies that Help Them working with all Investment incentives In Egypt Market . The Main Types of Companies That Can Be Establish In Egypt Include :
1- One Person Company.
2- Limited Liability Company.
3- Joint Stock Company.
4- Establish Branch For Foreign Companies In Egypt .
Please Contact Us For More Information and Details about Establish Companies in Egypt .
Real Estate Registration In Egypt
Obtaining Egyptian Citizenship
Marriage Registration In EgyptDay
Residence Visa in Egypt
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